Let’s get real. “Narcissistic confusion” as I like to call those of us who’ve been deeply confused by narcissistic abuse know all too well, has psychological, spiritual, sexual and biological ramifications. 

Imagine … a little girl, about five, with a bounce in her step and excitement in her eye, catching the person she longs to love her, longs to spend time with, for a brief moment. 

Let’s say it’s “Dad.” Joyous to be in the meeting, she asks if dad wants to play. 

He blows his cigarette smoke in the opposite direction of her while he says, “sure, go get your keyboard.” 

Bombastically, bursting with excitement to catch that rare moment in time he’ll have time for her, she runs up to her room, grabs the keyboard, feels like a breeze as she lets the door slam behind her on her way out to play, turns the corner to where he just sat and….

An empty chair. 

Him, disappeared.

Her, disappointed.

Sad and confused, she waits. 

And waiting, is somehow, what she’s learned to live on. 

You don’t need to imagine it. You’ve lived it in your own way.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you stopped waiting by an empty chair? If all of a sudden, someone sustainable, connectable, magically appeared and invited you to rest in her lap forevermore. 

Better yet, what if the Real You showed up in that chair to greet you?

I’ve designed a six week experience for empaths who want their relationships to feel more like butter than fire, for those of us affected by narcissistic abuse who want living to feel a hell of a lot easier than it does, and for intellectuals with a spiritual edge who want to heal from the belief that they can’t eat their cake, but can only look at it. 

Feeling fake AF, sucking yourself in to make everyone else comfortable but you?

Sounds like a good ole coming out party is in order. 

If you’re looking to get from where you “should” be, to who you actually are without all the guilt, this experience aims to teach you how to feel more like you, and less affected by them. 

It’s six weeks of custom content, dished out in a grassroot fashion, geared to introduce you to your edge so you can fully own the territory that is You in a more empowered and authentic way. 

What you’ll get:

Six Weeks of Custom Content in an experience I’m calling “Soul Centering after Toxic Shame.”

10 Exclusive Videos. 

Six Weeks of In-Depth Expansion Prompts with a Focus for Each Weeks Video Content. These are Self discovery questions to access your edge objectively so you can see how your personality was shaped. From there, ideally you’ll get on a cellular level that indeed, you can reconfigure the shape! 

Two super-charged meditations to anchor You, pronto. Straight from my heart to yours. 

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No, it’s not just you and me. I know, that part sucks. But, it is for you, from me, and it’s the best I could do (for now).


We'll be diggin into...

  • 1

    Blueprint: You

    • Introduction

    • Identity Formation in an Insane Mirror

    • We're all addicts (of something).

    • Cleaning the Mirror

    • Week 1: Identity Blueprint PDF

  • 2

    Attachment Styles & Flow

    • Meditation Week 2

    • Week 2 : Attachment & Creation PDF

  • 3

    Shadow Work

    • All or Nothing Thinking

    • Shadow Work

    • Week 3: All or Nothing Thinking & Shadow Work PDF

  • 4

    The Negative Introject & Toxic Shame

    • Negative Introject/Shame and Inner Child

    • Individuation

    • Week 4: Negative Introject, Inner Child & Individuation PDF

  • 5

    Energy Calibration & Coherence for Clear Universal Communication

    • Energy Calibration

    • Week 5: Energy Calibration PDF

  • 6

    Staying. You.

    • Choosing to Live

    • Meditation Week 6

    • Week 6: Choosing to Come Out, Alive PDF

  • 7

    Bonus Materials: Basics for an Integrated Life

    • Wanting versus Desire

    • Birth of an Empath